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Riki - Jukebox man

About us. Riki started his career back in 1984 as part of a YTS scheme. It was through this that he was placed at a company in Durham, in the North East. He was lucky enough to gain full-time employment once he had completed his two-year training course.

In 1990, he left the business to work for a national company. He was in charge of repairing and installing jukeboxes, pool tables, and gaming machines.

Due to the company being taken over several times, Riki was sadly made redundant after 25+ year’s service. This made Riki rethink his career, and he took the decision to look into self-employment in 2008. Seeing a gap in the market for working in private homes, he started fixing private jukeboxes, taking his part-time hobby to full-time work!

He now travels to the jukebox location, anywhere in the UK. This means no damage in transit and no need for courier services.

Due to the length of time he was in paid employment, it gave him the opportunity to learn how to fix all makes of jukeboxes of all types. This included Vinyl, CD, digital, etc. This is unique to Riki, as many people are only trained in one make and one type! 

Over the years, he has been lucky to have worked on Rowe Ami, Wurlitzer, NSM, Rockola, Sound Leisure, Seeburgs and many more!

Riki and his family are now based in the North East, and they enjoy traveling to new locations to repair and service these amazing machines. There are not many left, and it’s important for Riki to preserve these amazing parts of history.

Working with others

Riki works closely with many businesses still supplying these machines, including Betterdaze Record and Jukebox showroom based in Northallerton, North Yorkshire. He has worked with Betterdaze for over 20 years.

“Riki has been a real asset to Betterdaze and his knowledge and flexibility to be able to come out and fix the jukeboxes have been a real benefit to the company.”